The term “otaku” has become a controversial one, as in Japan it has taken on a somewhat negative connotation, as if it pertains solely to the ultra-obsessive (or “creepy”, as some would say) anime/manga fans.

Despite the term’s use in its home country, it has come to be considered more of a positive term to classify devout anime/manga fans here in the States.

Well, the folks over at Tokyopop have taken it upon themselves to create a reality show (which will air on about their cross-country search for “America’s Greatest Otaku”. Check out the show’s official trailer:

They hit up the Anime Expo in Los Angeles this past summer, as well as Comic-Con in Chicago and other fan conventions/celebrations in order to conduct their search. As the press release on the show’s website explains,

Stu Levy, Executive Producer of the America’s Greatest Otaku reality show, as well as TOKYOPOP’s founder, says, “Japanese pop culture has influenced many of us Americans in a number of ways. The goal of this show is to prove to the world that American otaku are just as talented – if not more – than their counterparts worldwide.”

There’s more information at the site, so check it out to get a better idea of what the show is all about.

Personally, this looks really interesting; the whole anime/manga fan culture has always interested me greatly, so I have to check this show out when it starts airing soon.

We’ll keep you posted about any more information that may become available.

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