If you want to get away with bootlegging something, at least give your version some type of originality…

A new, upcoming Chinese television show named Train Hero has more than a few similarities with a late-1990’s Japanese program called Chō Tokkyū Hikarian. By “similarities”, that is to say the Chinese one is copmlete, scene-by-scene copy.

Below, watch a video with each cartoon airing simultaneously.

As this article from Shanghaiist reports, Shenyang Animation, the Chinese company behind Train Hero, had this to say about the scandal:

In defense of their cartoon, Shenyang has claimed that the clip was “just a demo” and that “a lot of cartoons have traces of imitation.” If that’s not laughable enough, this official also pointed out that the cartoons are using “different types of trains.”

How do things like this happen? Why do companies think it’s okay to blatantly and totally rip off a pre-existing cartoon?

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