Like the title states, this is just…odd.

Before you click the link, read my blurb about it.

It’s a link to a blog post entitled Critical Analysis of Four Shoppers in a Japanese Supermarket from the Perspectives of Their Disapproving, Estranged Mothers

The italicized print beneath the headline reads:

These four shoppers were photographed in Yaoko Marketplace on 7 JAN 2011, between 7:00PM and 8:30PM, off the Keisei stop in Narita, outside Tokyo. The photos were mailed to their mothers with instructions to provide “brief, critical analysis” and to refrain, if possible, from “personal attacks.” Responses arrived surprisingly promptly, were translated with Google Translate, and are presented here unedited. Names have been changed.

What follows is strange, and I’m really curious what prompted such an investigative, voyeuristic piece of blogging.


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