Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi in conjunction with My JHouse Rocks are giving away one pair of tickets to each of KAMIJO’s shows in Los Angeles and New York City!



Announcing a dream world tour to celebrate a special KAMIJO 20 year career will be making stops in Los Angeles, California and New York City in the U.S.A. this June. Celebrating twenty years of musical projects, KAMIJO brings his music to the world to share his accomplishments with the fans who have been waiting and supporting at long last will be given the opportunity to hear his music live, up close and in person!

In this WORLD TOUR, KAMIJO will be performing songs from previous projects Versailles, LAREINE, NEW SODMY and as solo artist KAMIJO with popular and extremely talented support musicians. A visual show with the flavor of France, Rococo, and Vampires will not only be entertaining but adding amazing composed symphonic rock creates an enjoyable landscape for all ages and takes you to “KAMIJO’s WORLD”; a place where fantasy becomes a beautiful reality.

TICKET Information, Dates and Links:

On Sale Now

General Admission $40.00

V.I.P. $120.00 Meet & Greet includes group photo, early admittance.

June 4th, 2015 (thursday) L.A. ­Beyond the Stars Palace (Glendale)http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1238713

June 6th, 2015 (saturday) N.Y.C.­ The Highline Ballroom (Chelsea)http://highlineballroom.com/show/2015/06/06/kamijo­world­tour­2015/

★★★To show appreciation to our subscribers and viewers for your long-time support to Japanese music and our site, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, in conjunction with My JHouse Rocks are giving away one pair of tickets to each of KAMIJO’s shows in Los Angeles and New York City!

It is very simple to get a chance to win tickets to either of the shows: write in the comment below the three songs from KAMIJO or any of his previous project bands that you would love to hear the most at his LA or NYC concert, and why. Also please don’t forget to make it clear which show you would like attend. The deadline will be June 2nd, 2015, 8:00PM (PST). We will contact and announce the winners in a separate post on Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi website on June 2nd, 2015, 9:00PM (PST), so make sure to stay tuned!

We are also looking for KAMIJO cosplayers. They can be dressed in any of KAMIJO’s past projects and outfits or any members of Versailles, LAREINE, NEW SODMY or KAMIJO solo. if you are a cosplayer willing to assist the street team as a volunteer at KAMIJO’s LA or NYC concert, please let us know! Thank you very much!!

Let’s show our support to KAMIJO’s WORLD TOUR!!!


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  1. I would love to hear Setsurenka, Louis, and truth. I just love the melodies and his voice, and despite not knowing the meaning in the lyrics i quite enjoy them. I would love to see him live in Los Angeles, CA! Thank you for having this giveaway, it’s great! ^^

  2. When I saw that you were doing this Giveaway, you can not imagine how I felt.
    This means that there is still a chance… I can still make my biggest dream come true!
    I can’t even tell how grateful I am and how I admire and love this amazing artist!
    KAMIJO is my biggest inspiration, he is just amazing… And knowing that I might have this chance makes my heart pound so fast!

    I would love to hear Serenade, Yamiyo no Lion and Faith & Decision ; in the Los Angeles concert.

    Thank you so much for this oportunity, I am really praying to win this!

  3. After seeing my first Japanese concert (Scandal HoB May 22nd) I became very obsessed(more like post concert depression) and I wanted more concerts so I searched around and found Kamijo!.I’ve been listening to visual kei for a very long time now (I believe since 2006ish) and I always dreamed of seeing all my favorite bands live. I was really sad when Versailles broke up but I’m glad to see that their members are still active doing what they do best. I would like to go see Kamijo in Glendale,CA and experience Revenants Choir, Aristocrats Symphony, and Symphony of the Vampire live.. Why? Because #TeamKamijo all the way.

    Thanks for the opportunity, you guys are awesome!

  4. I have waited for a long time to see Kamijo live since he came on tour with Versailles. I have listened to him since childhood and I recall many nights listening to his music fondly, whether I was studying or relaxing, his music was very impactful on my life. My 3 songs I wish he could play live is…
    2. Billet
    3. Setsurenka
    I would love to attend the LA show. I grew up with Lareine and I’m looking forward to hearing songs from that era most of all. I never had a chance to see them play since I was only a baby when they were in their most active. Thank you for this opportunity! I hope lady luck smiles upon me as one of Kamijo’s roses!

  5. I would die if he were to perform any of these songs:

    1) Faith&Decision: This particular song embodies everything that I enjoy about Versailles and Kamijo’s solo work. I love how this song goes from its melodic introduction, transcends from it’s warm and gentle ballad into its fast and uplifting verse. Any song from Holy Grail would do, but this one is a perfect death sentence for me. xD
    2)Serenade: After listening to this song, on that same day I crowned Kamijo as the best VK ballad performer hands down. I can sing this song, and even hum this solo flawlessly and at one point I even attempted to learn it on guitar. By far I have failed!
    3)The Revenant Choir: This song was was my introduction to Kamijo that gracefully led me toward his other works. When they first toured in the U.S(2007?), I wanted to see them but I had no way of going, and I was in High School. Now is the one opportunity I can go and see him and having the ticket to Glendale would my only way of seeing him. You want to see a fan holler, scream and hype over limitations defined by man? Choose me! QwQ

    1. Hi Perris, you’ve won a pair of tickets to KAMIJO’s show in Glendale, CA! Congratulations!!Please refer to this post to learn how to claim your tickets!! Thank you for joining us and your support!! We hope to hear from you soon and see you at the LA show!!! — Melissa

  6. I want to attend the LA (Glendale) concert and would be exceptionally delighted to hear Kamijo-sama perform any, if not all, of the following songs:

    1. Metamorphose
    This song shows a different style of Kamijo-sama than his more recent works, but his expressive vocals portrays the beautifully sad song wonderfully.

    2. The Revenant Choir
    Being a big fan of the Castlevania series, this song brings back pleasant memories. This song also demonstrates Kamijo-sama’s talent in singing in English.

    3. Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie En Rose~
    I became possessed by his voice upon first hearing this song. This song undoubtedly portrays Kamijo-sama’s stylistic individuality.

    Growing up with the conflicting interests in classical and rock music, Kamijo-sama showed me that I did not have to chose; that it was possible to love both equally. I have always been inspired by the breathtaking vocals and visuals Kamijo-sama puts into his works. Even more wonderful is seeing how his style has evolved over the years and become successful to garner such admiration from fans all over the world. Kamijo-sama’s grace, his poise, his passion are very clearly felt when I listen to him sing. No words could ever accurately portray my joy if I win this chance to see Kamijo-sama perform live in concert.
    Thank you, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi and My JHouse Rocks, for giving fans this chance to see Kamijo-sama live in concert!!

  7. I would love to see Kamijo at his LA show :).

    1. Billet ~ Osanaki natsu no binsen ~
    Beautiful song. I would love to hear this song in his current vocal state. When he sang on Lareine, it was REALLY nasally. He sings from his diaphragm now, giving him his lower vocal range.

    2. Heart
    This was one song from his solo work recently that impressed me. Compositionally fun to listen to. 🙂

    3. God Palace -Method of Inheritance-
    The best Kamijo produced song. Catchy hooks by Kamijo and really showcased Versailles as a whole.

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