Tiger & Bunny the Rising set for March U.S. Release

 The second Tiger & Bunny film is set to come to select theaters in the U.S. during the March. The dates depend on your local theater so check the Eleven Arts website for more information. As always, the awesome Downtown Independent in Los Angeles will be screening the movie from March 14- 20 and you can bet that we, or at least I, will be there. Tickets haven’t gone up for sale yet for the Downtown Independent yet but maybe your local theater has them up already, so be sure to check Eleven Arts who are responsible from bringing these screenings to the U.S.

As for my personal opinion on the series, I haven’t actually finished watching it. It’s been in my backlog for quite a while and I’ve never had time to pick it up again. However, the main reason I even picked it up was because of its interesting concept; corporate sponsored crime fighting. I’ll most likely finish the series before watching the movie but for those of you that want Tiger & Bunny: the Rising but don’t want to commit a lot of time to finishing the series, the first movie retells the first two episodes for the series so you get a basic understanding of character relationships and development.

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of big-name anime movies (Evangelion 3.0, the Madoka Magica movie, the Anohana movie, all of which have been brought over by the efforts of Eleven Arts) premiering at independent U.S. theaters (or maybe they always have been and I’ve never noticed) but hopefully it becomes a common occurrence. While it brings fans together over common interests in the same series(s), it can also be a way of introducing people to anime in a social setting without being intimidating. Not that I’m saying this will lead to a wider acceptance of the anime subculture in the U.S. but it wouldn’t hurt.

Eleven Arts and Ticket information

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