Tiger & Bunny Roll Cake

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, show your significant other that you want to be the Tiger to their Bunny with these awesome Tiger & Bunny Roll Cake. It’s perfect for those practicing baking and those confident in their baking skills. Show your Bunny why you’re the Tiger (or something).


(The ingredients below are enough for two roll cakes, modify accordingly)


2 batches of cake batter (one regular and one for decoration)

40 grams of powder sugar

30 grams of wheat flour

1 egg white (30 grams)

40 grams of butter

And appropriate food coloring for the picture you choose


Below is a tutorial video by our very own Tomokku who will teach you have to make the roll cakes:

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with the most bromantic of bromance, with the Tiger & Bunny Roll Cake. And be sure to catch the second Tiger & Bunny movie at your local theater.



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  1. I AM BEGGING YOU!!!Fullmetal Achemist Alphonse roll! Or cardcaptor sakura in the the name of Oda Nobunaga!

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