TOKYO COMICON was held at Makuhari Messe from December 2nd to 4th, and included Japanese content without losing American comic taste.
Many events were held at Tokyo Comicon:
Exhibition of unusual props and costumes used in the last chapter of the big hit movie series Resident Evil: The Final which will be released on December 23 at the Sony Pictures Booth
Corner of popular vocaloid character “IA”
A variety of gaming experiences using the latest technology
A variety of gaming experiences using the latest technology
Exhibition of rare goods
Introduction of works of overseas comic artists and animators
Cosplay Area
Demonstrations by technology companies


A part from the events, it seems that it was a comicon where you can experience unique entertainment in Tokyo, such as the food theme area of various places in Japan.
“COMICON” was born in San Diego in the US, so there are many official cosplayers of corporate booths as well as general participators who cosplayed American comic books and Hollywood movie characters.





It seemed that among the many familiar American characters such as X-MEN, Avengers, Batman, and Star Wars, the most popular character was Hawley Quinn of Suicide Squad.
Not only was there photoshoots but also the cosplay fashion show by high level cosplayers. Tokyo Comicon was a great success!

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