Tokyo indiepop band Yahyel have recently divulged the release of their second album “Human”. The new album will be out on March 7th, right before their ambitious trip to the U.S. festival SXSW, which is followed by a LIQUIDROOM gig back in Tokyo on March 29th.

Earlier this month, they uploaded the official music video of their new song “Pale”. Carrying on their quirkily expressive shooting style, the video showed the relationship between a human-being and a bathtub that evolved from struggling and perplexity to self-denial and deconstruction successively. The video ended with the image that the man finally crawled back to the bathtub and that he was in fact on an square-shaped island with nowhere to escape to, which may have implied a symbolic imagery of human’s lifecycle and limitation. As the band said, the album title is “Human”, and it is about a human.

Track list:
01. Hypnosis
02. Nomi
03. Rude
04. Battles
05. Polytheism (feat. Kim Ximya)
06. Acedia (Interlude)
07. Body
08. Iron
09. Pale
10. Lover

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