My friend just came back from Japan with this yummy looking cookies! from TOKYO MILK CHEESE FACTORY.

For limited time, you can purchase them at Haneda Airport. If you’re traveling to Japan this year, make sure to get some retro boxed cookies at Airports in Tokyo. People would love this! Also, the main store is in Shinjyuku, Tokyo. Love this package! So stylish + minimalist looks. Eco packaging with recycled material is great. Logo too. Their speciality is CHEESE + MILK. For 20 cookies in a box, it’s 1260 YEN.

Love their catch. Your cheek might drop.

I am a sucker for cheese or cheese flavored crackers just because cheese is YUM in general but this one was amaaaazing! Rich and strong cheese flavors in a every single bite! plus not-to-sweet-milk-cookies. The best CONBO! Can’t go wrong. Right? Made me thirsty for some red wine. ( For later! ) I gotta say, I’ve tried many many cheese snacks ( From Japanese convini / trader joe’s / Whole Foods / etc. ) but this one is so far my favorite. Taste goooooood!

Photos below : Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Haneda Air port / 東京ミルクチーズ工場 羽田空港

Copyright : Photo @Specialnormal Inc.

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  1. Dear…,

    Do you think is it possible to deliver to Singapore?

    I got this, from my boss who just came back from his holiday, and I found it very nice, very delicious indeed…

    If they can deliver to Singapore, I really would like to order some for my family.

    Thank you.


  2. hello,im fron hong kong, i would like to ask, can i pay by visa card & order some” Your cheek might drop” deliver to hong kong adress? thanks

    1. Sorry I don’t think that’s possible. I really want it too here in States!

  3. i can deliver overseas.
    follow and ask me for further information
    Instagram : sonniasays

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