OMG!!!! Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will be performing at Coachella this year!
They will be performing on Arpril 12th and 19th. It will be so much fun! I don’t know how popular they are in the US, but they have been playing for a long time and they are amazing performers!

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is a Japanese ska band, called “Sukapara” in Japan and abbreviated as TSPO. Formed in 1985, after releasing a self-titled vinyl from File Records on  November 18, 1989, they signed with Epic/Sony Records a few months later to mark their major debut! The current label is cutting edge. Most of their music is instrumental.

Let’s go to Coachella to see Stone Roses, Blur, Modest Mouse, and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra!!!


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  1. Shows how much i pay attention to Coachella news, I didn’t realize they were playing until this was posted! Thanks for the tip!

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