Hello Everyone!
We want to thank everybody who attended Sakura Bomb at 2nd Street Jazz last week! On Thursday, August 19th we welcomed Lemon Drop Kick, Keshiki, Stephanie Yanez, and Nightmares for Robots to Little Tokyo for an awesome night, with cool music and great friends!. We were privileged to have these fantastic bands at Tune in Tokyo, and look forward to hosting them again!
Sakura Bomb will return to 2nd Street Jazz in October! More details to come!
On Friday, September 3rd we”ll be spinning at I Love Boba for our K-Pop Meetup! This is our unofficial preparty for the SM Town concert coming to Staples Center on Saturday, September 4th.
The weekend comes to a close on Sunday, September 5th with Tokyo Style 2010, featuring DJ Ami Suzuki, DJ Mayumi, and DJ SynCity. Tune in Tokyo is going! We hope to see you there, too! J-Pop legend Ami Suzuki is spinning in LA for the first time! Don”t miss it!
The following week, on Saturday, September 11th, we”re joining the Sweet Streets II opening party, casino online featuring 6%dokidoki. DJ Del and I will be presenting the new Sweet Streets compilation from Hi Fructose magazine, and we”ll be spinning a Tune in Tokyo set later in the evening.
The art exhibition and party is inspired by Harajuku fashion, so its a good opportunity to break out your lolita, decora, and other J-Fashion! We”ll be bringing the Tune in Tokyo sound to the event as well, so we”ll keep you dancing to J-Pop, Shibuya-Kei, and Japanese Indie all night!

Don”t forget, our next event is “Aloha Gal-ifornia!”, the 1st anniversary party for Kira Kira Photo Sticker in City of Industry. Our friends Diamond Gyaru-Sa will host the event, which is going to have a summer fashion theme. This Saturday, August 28th!

Greg Hignight
DJ and Founder, Tune in Tokyo

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