One of the problems with a fashion shopping trip to Tokyo is that there are usually too many shops to be seen – and too little time. While we highly recommend exploring Tokyo by foot in conjunction with using Tokyo’s highly efficient train and subway system, there are times when zooming from place to place in a taxi makes more sense. Finding a taxi in Tokyo’s crowded tourist areas is usually not difficult, but there’s no guarantee that a taxi will pass by at the exact time when you need it. With that in mind, the Tokyo Taxi Association launched an English-friendly app today to help tourists find a Tokyo taxi whenever and wherever they need one.

The English-language TAKKUN App by the Tokyo Taxi Association – available for iPhone and other iOS devices, Android, and MS Windows Phone – makes it easy for anyone with a GPS and internet-enabled smart device to immediately call a taxi to any location in Tokyo.

The TAKKUN App is a group effort by several of Tokyo’s many taxi companies, offering access to 11,000 taxis in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. They are hoping to add even more companies, and more taxis, between now and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to the free app, the Tokyo Taxi Association has launched an English-language website to introduce the app. The website offers helpful tips on using the app, a list of the available vehicle types, and other useful information. You can visit the official English-language TAKKUN website here.

All images courtesy of the Tokyo Taxi Association and TAKKUN App (official website).

Source: Tokyo Fashion

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