I came across this really awesome project that uses QuickTimeVR (Virtual Reality), a format that allows you to create panoramas, on the main areas of Tokyo, specifically around the Yamanote Line, which is one of the busiest rail lines in the city. The creators explained their project as such:

“About Tokyo VR Project> … We have tried data-ization for the main area in Tokyo by QuickTimeVR. But it is the reckless project. By our original know-how, execution of this project was attained only after becoming possible to carry out extensive creation of the QuickTimeVR quickly. By making scenery an interface as it is, the state with a house, a store, a park, a building, and the living information of a there could be sent. It will be useful to barrier-free, safety and the measure against crime prevention and information dispatch of an area and a walk, or an adventure. We are waiting for cooperation of those who can consent to our trial from the heart.

Since September, 2004.”

So if you aren’t planning to go to Japan anytime soon, this is pretty much the closest you’ll get. The places that you can virtually visit aren’t just ones with great scenery, but unique spots you could not otherwise go see like the ANA Maintenance Center, Tokyo Tunnelix, and Sakuragawa Bridge Reconstruction. Be sure to check out the ones to the left that aren’t located on the map. Enjoy!

The Great Buddha of Ushiku

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