In Japan there is a company that makes unique flavored toothpaste.  This company, Margaret Josefin Japan produces a line of interesting toothpaste called BREATH PALLETE.  It has 31 flavors in total and their concept is “change your breath everyday”

Introduceing the flavors-
0. Toothpaste gel
1.  Sweet-Salt
2. Tropical Pine
3. Peppermint
4. Fresh Yogurt
5. Maccha (Green Tea Leaf)
6. Rose
7. Monkey Banana
8. Honey
9. Kiwi
10. Café au lait
11. Plum
12. Apple
13. Vanilla
14. Curry
15. Strawberry
16. California Orange
17. Kyoto Maccha Powder
18. Peach
19. Pickled Plum (Umeboshi)
20. Lavender
21. Darjeeling Tea
22. Cinnamon
23. Grape
24. Lemon Tea
25. Bitter Chocolate
26. Blueberry
27. Carmel
28. Espresso
29. Grapefruit
30. Pumpkin Pudding
31. Cola

According to this site their most popular flavor is #14- Curry.  I have seen these on TV/magazines and always wanted to try, but maybe not curry for my first time.  They are 210yen ($2.68) each.

Look what I also found from a different company in Osaka: TAKOYAKI FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE!!!

I LOVE takoyaki! But have a toothpaste that is flavored like it? Maybe I don’t love it that much then, I’d rather stick to my spearmint.

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