It’s NEW YEARS EVE!!! Last day of 2012~ how is everybody spending it? In Japan we eat a traditional evening meal called toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦).  Roughly translated, “greet the new year with soba” and has the meaning of living your life long just like soba noodles. Soba is made from buckwheat. There are no set recipe for toshikoshi soba, every house has their own recipe.  At my house,  my mother prepared a simple bowl of hot soba with kamaboko(fish cake), spinach, and a touch of yuzu peel.  Also, made tempura on the side so we can make it into tempura soba.  Some family members like to drop in raw egg too.

You can have soba all year round but on New Years Eve, every household prepares hot soba noodles or go out to eat it at a soba restaurant.  Hot soba is delicious and very comforting during cold seasons.

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