Most of us have said, “it’s too cute to eat,” but at some point we bid adieu and devour it. These Totoro cream puffs are something else, my friends. I’m confident a lot of us really won’t have the heart to eat them.

totoro_mainThe Totoros look up at you! KAWAII– I warned you guys!

If you’re ever in Japan and are a Ghibli fanatic, the Gray Beard’s Cream Puff Studio is a must visit spot. Located near the Setagaya Daita station, the place adorns a Ghibli-esque facade and is surrounded by trees. The first floor is the shop and studio, and the second floor is the cafe.


totoro_terrasCozy terrace where you can unwind.

totoro_entranceAwesome flight of stairs

The cafe always offers three Totoros each filled with different flavored cream, and a fourth that changes with the season. The flavors are custard cream, chocolate, and caramel banana. The seasonal flavors are chestnut, strawberry and peach.

totoro_showLook at the little hats! I’m seriously amazed by the quality and detail.


It’s already quite difficult to make cream puffs, so baking them to look like Totoro requires an immense amount of skills. This is part of the reason why the only place in the world where you can these cute cream puffs are at the Gray Beard’s Cream Puff Studio.

Gray Beard’s Cream Puff Studio: 5-3-1 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Source: Entabe

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