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What does it look like to you? I know, it’s so magical, right? Totoro Tree. You can visit a small village called Sakegawa-mura in Yamagata Ken. It’s known as the Totoro Tree and many Ghibli fans have visited here since the movie came out in 1988. According to the people from the Sakegawa town hall, those trees are a cedar tree, in Japanese “Kosugi no Ohsugi” and they’re apparently over a thousand years old. The size of the root is 6.3 Meter long, and 20 Meter tall.

Can you imagine what it was like when they first sprouted? the trees that hundreds and thousands of years old. That just sounds so magical to me.

If you’d like to visit this magical place, Here’s the direction. ( English )

totorop01 totorop12

Address:Kosugi, Sakegawa villege, Mogami county, Yamagata


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