Revolving Sushi brought to the home, in the form of the best toy ever

 Many people don’t know this about themselves but they have an empty space in their life reserved for something special. This is that special something.


Created by the wizards Takara Tomy Arts, they knew what all of us wanted before we even considered it being a possibility. But what could this mystical item be? That’s right, it’s a revolving sushi conveyor belt that you can have at home. However, it’s not the ordinary one you see at sushi joints; this thing is boat-themed with a giant fish abomination for a set piece.

YOU tell me what it is.
YOU tell me what it is.

That’s not even the most amazing part of the toy set, aptly named the Cho Niginigi Kaitenzushi (Super Energetic Revolving Sushi) set. It comes with tools for you to easily roll up rice or shape them into tiny squares. This could only be a gift for the person in your life who seemingly has everything, but they definitely won’t have one of these.



Source: RocketNews24

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