Accident-free or at the very least, minimal damage is what car industries strive for when making an automobile because we all value our safety. Toyota is currently testing an intelligent system on their cars that will allow it to communicate with other cars and traffic lights. For example, if you’re changing lane on the freeway and another car is within your blindspot, your car will warn you and prevent you from getting into an accident. Likewise for traffic lights, your car will warn you of a red light if it detects that you’re not preparing to slow down for it. The car will also swerve out of the way incase a pedestrian randomly pops out of the street. The brakes are programmed to brake harder if the driver suddenly slams on it suddenly or if the driver accidentally pushes the gas pedal when they meant to hit the brakes.

Pretty amazing features! I cannot tell you how many near deaths experience I have had driving on the freeway. I’m sure you all can relate. This might be what we need. What do you guys think?

(Source: JapanToday)

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