Previously, we covered the ongoing development of the “sense-roid”, or “hugging robot”, which could be used to help care for members of the elderly community who live by themselves.

CNN Money recently explored Toyota Motor Corporation’s new and almost-ready “health care robots”, which are expected to be able to make up for a shortage of human nurses in hospitals.

The company plans to have the bots ready for the market in 2013.

Conceived and developed with the aid of Toyota Memorial Hospital and Fujita Health University in Japan, these health care droids are intended “to support independent living for people incapacitated through sickness or injury, while also assisting in their return to health and reducing the physical burden on caregivers.”

CNN Money’s article also includes the following video detailing some of Toyota’s other creations, including Ava, a health care robot designed to help people around the house with various tasks.

View the video here.

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