Traditional Japanese Cuisine at Kodama (児玉) Restaurant

Kodama 1

Many of us have tried sushi, ramen noodles, onigiri (Japanese rice balls), and even mochi ice cream! BUT what about “kaiseki”- ryori or a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner?

Kodama (児玉) is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in Hiroshima, Japan.  Rated 2/3 stars on the Michelin Guide, Kodama (児玉) has maintained its reputation by combining both traditional Japanese mannerisms with art.  Waitresses wear traditional Japanese garments, private rooms as well as counter top seats are available, however only 3 parties can dine per night, making it necessary for a reservation.

Kodama’s cuisine is prepared by owner/chef, Mr. Kodama and the staff consists of his wife, daughter, and sister.  “Kaiseki”-ryori can be thought of as being similar to French cuisine in its artsy display; not only enjoying the taste, but the visual of the food, is what’s important.  Kodama’s multi-course meal not only is a tasteful surprise to foreigners, but also serves as many Japanese clients’ first time try at “kaiseki”-ryori.

Take a look at some of the flicks from my Kodama experience below!

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