Travis Japan invites you in for their 5th single “Sweetest Tune,” now available to download and stream worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more!

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Travis Japan (w/English Subtitles!) ‘Sweetest Tune’ Music Video

Featured in the steamy new drama “Tokyo Tower” starring group member Genta “G” Matsuda, the track is a love letter to their fans that expertly balances the adult sensuality of the drama with their own boy-next-door innocence; topped off with an addictive dance beat perfect to get up or get down to.

【Comment from member Genta “G” Matsuda】

“The song will let you know a new side of Travis Japan. It is a pop tune giving off a feeling of maturity. The choreography to this song is both technical and catchy, with a music video based on a comic storyline that includes some share house-like scenes in addition to dance. We hope it will introduce you to a new side of Travis Japan!”

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Catch up with Travis Japan’s previous music content releases on their official YouTube channel, as well as the fun (and very funny) variety videos uploaded every week!

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