On December 16, the crazy event “Maguro (Tuna )House” will be held in Shibuya which dismantling tuna with house music.
The party creator, Afro & Co. by “Afro Romance” that has been planning numerous hands-on content that has become a hot topic. They will throw the
event that cut the big tuna the parts with playing the house music to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Shibuya Frame Tokyo.
This event was held for the first time in Shibuya at the end of last year and became a topic on SNS.
Maguro (Tuna) House is a usual collaboration event of music and food that combines DJ’s playing house music and tuna demolition by artisan chef show.

While enjoying the cool house music, you can eat the freshly cut tuna sashimi. It’s a new sense of the experience of eating tuna sashimi!
Tuna will prepare about 200 servings of 40 kg. It will be cut in front of the participants and behaved free of charge.
Also, you can also enjoy Ishikawa Sake brewed rice liquor and Brazilian 100% naturally derived energy drink called “Organic.”
But, while dancing with a lot of people,
Can you enjoy the taste of the tuna by being put in your mouth?
This party is perfect for the people who want to have a different year-end party. Although it seems that it is the new way to enjoy the fresh, delicious free tuna sashimi and house music in the club. But I prefer to sit down and enjoy tuna sashimi quietly.
But, Japanese is such a great party people!

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