Turn your cat in an RPG character with Nekosaba

So you love your cat but you can’t bring it around with you wherever you want. What if I told you not only can take (the essence of) your cat with you to the outside world, you can make them the star of a mobile RPG.

"Come Cat, we're off to a digital land with moe character designs."
“Come Cat, we’re off to a digital land with moe character designs.”

Nekosaba (available, in Japan only so far, on Android and iOS) is Monster Rancher*-like game where you take pictures of cats and turn them into game characters. I believe, because I honestly have no idea what is going on in this trailer other than the cat pictures.

It looks like it uses an emotion gauge rather than a traditional RPG battle system.
It looks like it uses an emotion gauge rather than a traditional RPG battle system.

The characters in the game are fully voiced and this may very be the last game they release on mobile devices because you don’t need anything else after playing this. Sadly, as mentioned above it’s currently only available in Japan with no official word on a translation. However, there was that Love Live! that was released in the English market and that’s WAY more niche than this (it’s an addictive rhythm game that everyone should get. Bad news for some Android users though; it doesn’t work on rooted devices).

The (cat)st... Kinda hard to pronounce.
The (cat)st… Kinda hard to pronounce.

For those of you who don’t own a cat (like me), I guess we’re going to have to go find some wild kitties and try to take their picture without them running away.

Nekosaba Official Site (Japanese)

*Monster Rancher was a game series where you would be able to create monsters from any CD you had lying around your house. What’s cool was a disc would contain the same monster for all games so you could trade CD’s with friends to get desired monsters. It never really caught on in America but let me tell you, I’ve played Monster Rancher 3 and I probably spent more time inserting random CDs to find monsters than play the game.

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