Environmentally-friendly bra-burning

An interesting thing has been going on in Japan for the past few months.

In April & May of this year, Triumph International Japan Ltd. provided plastic bags for customers who visited the company’s stores, encouraging them to put their old bras and undergarments in the bags and bring them back to the store.

Once they had the bras, the company began the process of turning the materials into usable fuel. As the Mainichi Daily News details,

In these recycling programs, metals are removed from the bras and the remaining parts are made into a type of fuel for boilers, power generation facilities and dryers.

Japanese industry officials call it “refuse paper and plastic fuel,” or RPF, made of waste paper and plastic including fibers.

Triumph has collected more than 200,000 bras since it began the program in 2009 and turned them into 14 tons of RPF fuel. Wacoal has collected more than 179,200 bras and produced 17.9 tons of the fuel.

All in all, it seems like a pretty sweet deal: women get rid of their unwanted bras without having to go through the process of wondering if perverts steal them from the trash, and the environment is aided by the safe and beneficial transformation from clothing item into fuel.

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