Get your RED and BLUE Limited Edition of Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs!


Not too long ago, Nintendo released the Limited Edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL model that sold out almost everywhere. Good luck finding one now. (eBay! maybe) So if you missed out, then you do have a second chance, kind of… sort of… not really…

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Yesterday, Nintendo released a Nintendo Direct video announcing that the company will be releasing two additional Limited Edition Pokemon-themed 3DS XL based on the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games scheduled to be out next month. It’s not the same as our cuddly, adorable Pikachu one but by the Poke Gods, these systems look sexy! I urge you guys to pre-order either one now if you’ve been meaning to get a 3DS XL and if you like Pokemon. It sure beats owning a plain 3DS XL. (If you own a regular one, please don’t hurt me.) By the way, these system will not include the game.

I pre-ordered mine yesterday in Red! Which will you get? Oh and while we are on the subject, I also pre-ordered the Limited Edition Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Wii U Bundle. Both of which costed me a month worth of rent. Was it worth it? Hmm, ask me again when I’m living inside a dumpster.

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