Hey super-obsessed video game collectors, listen up!

If you’ve been scouring used bins at video game retailers for years in search of a mint condition copy of “Stadium Events” by Bandai, you’ve probably only found crushing disappointment.

As video game geeks know, this otherwise random-seeming video game was made super ridiculously rare because it NEVER HAD A RELEASE. Nintendo acquired the rights to Bandai’s “Stadium Events” series, but then recalled the entire thing before EVER sending out copies of the game, or even having barely any created.

That makes this eBay auction quite astonishing. The seller claims he or she found it at a GARAGE SALE in New York, which is just ridiculous considering how insanely valuable the game is.

If you have a spare $38,000 lying around, you can bid on this game, but obviously if you THINK about opening the shrink wrap it will immediately lose a lot of its value. But then again, it IS a video game and they ARE meant to be played, so whoever buys this (if anyone) can do whatever they want with it.

Obviously $38,000 for a pretty average-looking track and field video game for the original NES isn’t something that most people will get excited about, but for video game enthusiasts who simply collect the rarest stuff out there, this is the holy grail (as the seller calls it in his item description).

Thanks to Platform Nation for tipping us off to this.

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