Hana did a post last year called Getting Creative with Japanese Snacks, and one of the topics covered was Umaibō (delicious stick), which is one of the most popular dagashi, old-school Japanese snacks that kids could buy with coins. They come in a variety of flavors like cheese, curry, and tonkatsu sauce, and only cost 10 yen to this day. The wrapper features a cat, Umaemon, whose name is a pun ofDoraemon lol


Takara Tomy has a line of snack toys to make snacking on Umaibō more fun called Umaibō Snack Party! You just put an Umaibō in this tube and push it out! You can cut it in 4, 6, 8 pieces or the twisting push out tube.

Now they have the new toy snack called Umaibō Wild Snack. It cuts out Umaibō in V shapes, circular, and W shapes.

Here are the Umaibō line up-

You can also use Umaibō as a hotdog sausage, sushi roll ingredient, and other special recipes

If you are interested in other recipes, check out their HERE (in Japanese only).  I personally just like smashing Umaibō into flakes and sprinkling it over my rice 🙂

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ4J5yb2JDM&list=UUEZJ8zuAE8ImQQZ3LQaH7jg&index=0&feature=plcp&noredirect=1′]

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