Uniqlo, Japan’s leading retailer of clothing and fashion products, is planning to become a major player in the United States soon.

This week, the company opened a huge, three-story store in Manhattan, New York, signaling its arrival on the American market, and it appears that the company has no plans to stop there. Far, far from it.

The location in Manhattan was part of the massive $300 million, 15-year lease, implying that Uniqlo has extremely high hopes for itself in this country.

As Yahoo! Finance points out in the video contained in this article, Uniqlo plans to expand its image across the United States quickly:

“We are looking at real estate in different cities throughout the United States, and our intention is to open stores in every major city,” the company’s US CEO Shin Odake is quoted as saying. Here’s the whole video for more insight into the company’s plans for world shopping domination:

Obviously, opening a big fancy retail location in the middle of the 5th Avenue area in New York City is a fantastic way to put yourself right in the midst of one of the most high-profile shopping areas in the world, let alone the USA.

It will be interesting to see if Uniqlo’s elaborate business plan works as the company hopes it will.

What do you think? Will this plan work? Will Uniqlo become one of the retail industry’s major players in the US?

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