Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has announced the establishment of a new area in the park called “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” based on the theme of the Nintendo’s game characters and their world.
The development plan calls for the grand opening to be held before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
“SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” will reproduce the Nintendo game’s popular characters and recreate their world for the enjoyment of the park’s visitors. The Nintendo theme section of the park will consist of two sections which will include rides, interactive areas, stores and restaurants.
Nintendo’s Creative Team, which includes Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto along with the Universal design team will be faithful to the Nintendo game story and use it as the inspiration in the design for Universal’s newest attraction.
Inside the park, many of the Nintendo characters depicted in the “Super Mario” series will be featured, along with popular symbols from the series such as Hatena Block and Power Up. They will also reproduce a symbol of the huge packing flower. This new world will be a great addition to the park and sure to be enjoyed by all the guests.

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