Three years after its birth, Kantai Collection – KanColle – is an
increasingly popular Japanese free-to-play web browser game developed
by Kadokawa games.
We will introduce the appeal of the super popular content that spreads
besides the games, such as theatrical version animation and versatile collaboration.
Kantai Collection – KanColle – created in April 2013 is a simulation game that can be played on the browser.
The player takes on the role as Admiral who commands Fleet girls
(Kanmusu) and challenges the mysterious enemy Shinkai Seikan.

The game system is simple and you can feel free to start without any
prior knowledge.
While there are many games that end with short lives, KanColle has
been admired by the admirals because it doesn’t limit itself as a
traditional commercial game, but it creates a world that greatly
respects the war fleets and their backgrounds.
The individual personalities and appearances of the Fleet girls are
reflected well in the great performance of the cast which expands the
KanColle world.
KanColle is collaborating with Lawson for celebration of the animation movie release.

KanColle: The Movie will be released on Saturday, November 26, 2016!

Source: Tokyo Walker Plus

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