A variety of fortune-telling types, such as tarot, palm reading, western, and oriental, will be available.

URANAI (Fortune) Festival 2017 in HARAJUKU will be held at Laforet Museum Harajuku on the 6th floor at Laforet Harajuku on January 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) in 2017.

At the fortune festival, you can experience various fortune-telling types such as Western fortune-telling, tarot fortune-telling, palm reading, and Oriental fortune-telling.

You can also enjoy lucky make-up lectures, astrology-based lucky item booth, lucky palm reading booth, chat & telephone fortune-telling, and more.

In addition, popular fortune tellers, including the palm reader, Shuhei Shimada, the famous surname name determinator, Osamu Azai, as well as Ryuji Kagami×Tamako Suisho will be at the special stage.

About 100 fortune-tellers will be at the festival so you can choose your favorite fortune teller to ask about your 2017 journey.

Dates: January 14 (Sat) and Sunday 15 (Sun) in 2017

Location: Laforet Harajuku

Free entrance

※ fortune-telling booth 300 yen per session. (One sessions is 5 minutes, must make reservation in advance.)

Reservations and more info: http://uranaifes.com/fes2017

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