It’s been announced that Utada Hikaru will be appearing in NHK‘s “SONGS Special” on September 22 making this her first TV appearance since resuming her artist activities.

Her last TV appearance was about 5 years and 8 months ago in the documentary program “Utada Hikaru ~Ima no Watashi~” in January of 2011. On “SONGS Special” she will perform “Michi“, “Hanataba wo Kimi ni“, and “Tomodachi” which are all tracks off of her new album “Fantome” to be released on September 28. Besides the performances, it will feature an interview with Itoi Shigesato, as well as a comment by Inoue Yosui. It will be narrated by ‘Toto Neechan‘ star Takahata Mitsuki.

In addition, Hikki will appear in Fuji TV‘s “Love music Tokubetsu-hen Utada Hikaru ~Liner Notes~” on September 30. In this program, Nagasawa MasamiHanaregumi, Suiyoubi no Campanella‘s Komuai, and Chris Peppler will talk about the singer. Hikki will take a look at those footages and answer each person’s questions. Finally, in early-October she will perform “Manatsu no Tooriame” on NTV‘s “NEWS ZERO.”

Source & Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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