News broke out a few days ago that 2013 will be the year of VAMPS! The band is notorious for taking on big challenges even though they are still relatively new. During their 2nd year and 3rd of activity, the band has tour quite amount of cities around the world. The members, HYDE and K.A.Z, announced that they are joining Universal Music under Delicious Deli Records, home to artists like Crystal Kay, D’espairs Ray, and Far East Movement (International). With Universal Music, they are hoping to reach out to international audience. Along with this new collaboration, they will be releasing a Blu-Ray/DVD for their recent 2012 Live. This will be the band’s FIRST Blu-Ray release, but HYDE’s third Blu-Ray release; first was FAITH LIVE 2006 and the 2nd is the upcoming L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL. VAMPS is also planning an upcoming VAMPS WORLD TOUR 2013 with Europe and North America already on the list! The band has announced that they have Live Nation on their side promoting them.

“Ideally, we want to play internationally at the same scale that we do in Japan, so we’re hoping that we’ll be venturing onto new grounds. I hope we’ll become like sushi-restaurants”, HYDE stated. He wants people coming to their lives as natural as wanting to go eat sushi at a sushi restaurant because what do you think of when you hear Japan? Sushi! So can we expect to see them in bigger venues and giant monitors? Let’s hope so! Show of hands, who’s gonna be seeing VAMPS? OOO ME! ME!!!

HYDE and K.A.Z has expressed they would like to release an all-English album. Perhaps that is what they are focusing on. For now, you can get your blood fix by pre-ordering the new VAMPS Blu-Ray/DVD Releases over at CDJapan.

If you haven’t check out VAMPS before, here are a few of my recommendation:

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Truly an exciting year for Japanese Music! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be stopping by the US shortly. From what I heard, her Paris show went well. T.M. Revolution and Home Made Kazoku will be hitting up Otakon this August. And now VAMPS is coming back with VAMPS WORLD TOUR 2013. Am I missing any artists? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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