#VAMPS2015LVJ – VAMPS Take Over Social Media Fan Project!

We BLOODSUCKERS are hungry for VAMPS! However, they will be hunting in Japan at ZEPP TOKYO on January 25th. Luckily for us overseas fans, LIVE VIEWING JAPAN will be streaming the live worldwide so we will get to experience the show together!! HYDE and K.A.Z are on a mission to break overseas, so let’s help them by getting the world’s attention!

What to do:

Create a video about VAMPS! It could be anything! If you can play an instrument, arrange a cover of a VAMPS song! If you’re super into fashion, do a VAMPS-inspired fashion video. Know how to bake? Make a tutorial how to bake VAMPS cookies! It can even be as simple as talking about your favorite VAMPS song or showing off your VAMPS collection or how VAMPS impacted your life!

Format of the Video:

– In the beginning of the video, mention about the livestreaming and this is part of a global fan project!
– Include the hashtag, “#VAMPS2015LVJ” in your title. And then include the following in the description box:

Live Viewing Japan will be streaming VAMPS Live 2014-2015 Live Tour in ZEPP TOKYO to the entire world on January 25th, 2015 at 19:06 JST, 2:06 AM PST, 5:06 AM EST!
VAMPS LIVE 2014-2015 Live Viewing Site: 
Streaming URL: http://show.liveviewing.jp
Inquiry About Streaming: support@liveviewing.jp
#VAMPS2015LVJ is a global fan project taking over YouTube & other social media! Any fans of VAMPS can participate by uploading a video on YouTube or a picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about the band and include the tag in the title. For more info about this project, visit: http://wp.me/p2FXS0-78I 

Upload the video and share with your friends!


What if I am camera shy?

Great content on YouTube often times don’t feature the face of the person. You can make a slideshow and talk over the pictures! Be creative! This is your video, you can present it however you like! 🙂 (See below as well)

What if I don’t have a YouTube account?

– Take a picture of anything VAMPS related and write something about the band.
– Upload to any social media that you are on and include #VAMPS2015LVJ in your post.
– Tag 6 of your friends to encourage them to do the same!
– Watch the videos that are uploaded by other fans and re-share the ones you like!


We want to get an insane amount of videos on YouTube with the #VAMPS2015LVJ! We’re gonna need A LOT OF VIDEOS! Remember, this is a TAKEOVER! Once we have enough videos, we will screenshot the search results and send it to other media sites giving us and the band even more exposure!


January 24th, 2015 11:59PM PST.

Keep in mind:

– If you are using VAMPS songs in your video, please do not play it too loud as YouTube Copyright System might automatically take it down and give you a strike on your account. Be sure to talk over the music clip if you are narrating or play over the track as loud as possible if you are covering a song.
– If you have to showcase a certain part of a music video or music clip, use 5 – 10 seconds MAX!

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