If you are visiting Japan and looking for fun and unique gifts and books to bring back to your friends and family, you must visit Village Vanguard! They have stores throughout Japan, and they have a decently sized one in Shibuya. Their concept is “a playful bookstore” but they have so much random and fun stuff at their stores.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure bib with a hood




Remake stationary and goods from retro prints


LED shoelaces


T-shirt with a print that will make you look twice.  haha comes in men’s size too!539355_429505697128854_1394972719_n

Cockroach printed pillow cover for your good nights sleep


A photo collection of pretty girls with their runny nose… ew…? but I guess there is a niche market for these types of books?

Bloody hand towel1146603_511775348901888_1535863689_n


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