Wagakki Band’s Olympic 2016 Theme Song!

Tune into TV Tokyo everyone and catch Wagakki Band’s new single and music video, “Kishikaisei!”  The music video for “Kishikaisei” was released at midnight sharp on August 3rd and is used as TV Tokyo’s theme for the 2016 Summer Olympics happening right now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The music video for “Kishikaisei” features the band in their usual Wagakki-style attire with ounces of energy as they always bring!  Serenading us with the Japanese-flute or “Shakuhachi” introductions to impactful drumming to follow, Wagakki Band is never shy of wow-ing their listeners with their originality.

Aside from “Kishikaisei”, Wagakki Band’s newest single, “MI・RA・I”, also released on August 3rd, was also featured in the Olympic games during the Olympic Torch Relay!

Check out “Kishikaisei” by Wagakki Band below!

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