See that yellow sign in the background of that picture? I saw it on my morning drive today, and it sounds interesting…apparently you can enroll your child (13-17 year old) into this program at OSULA (Osaka Sangyo University Los Angeles) that teaches the language through the use of manga and anime. From the site:

We are excited to announce that we start offering this unique MANGA de NIHONGO course from this fall. MANGA (Japanese comic) and ANIME (Japanese animation) are known in world wide now and getting pretty popular among young people. More and more people are studying Japanese language because they are attracted to this Japan’s new pop culture.

This course features daily use expressions and phrases through MANGA rather than text book grammar. We can assure that students will study Japanese effectively and have fun learning at OSULA. There is no doubt that once you learn how to read and write as well as how to speak and listen to Japanese, you will be able to understand more of your favorite MANGA / ANIME and enjoy it more. Suggested ages for this course are ages 13 to 17. Classes meet once a week on Wednesday, 4-5pm. Each session has 10 hours of instruction.

Check out the site for yourself here.

OSULA also has a Flickr. account that has a lot of pictures from the Anime Expo where that first picture was taken….if you are so inclined and live in the LA area.

Check it out here.

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  1. Hey, very interesting information! I though Manga de Nihongo was a book, but you say it’s a course? Then I guess I missed the opportunity of participating in it 🙁

    Oh well… off to buy some manga then. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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