Below, watch a video of a group of American children watching and reacting to footage of Hatsune Miku.

Perhaps it’s a sign that Vocaloid-based artists will have a tough time catching on in the United States (at least in a mainstream sort of way), but the kids are openly confused about what they’re seeing.

They obviously have no idea what Hatsune Miku is, and some of their comments are interesting:

“It’s not even a person. It’s a girl from Final Fantasy.”

“The singer is ugly, she’s obviously ugly.” (explaining why she’s a hologram and not a real person).

“Robots are going to take over the world soon, what is going on??!”

“Machines shouldn’t be pop stars!”

The kids do, though, seem to enjoy the song. Most of them say they like it, that it’s catchy, etc., but the whole ‘hologram instead of a real person’ aspect seems lost on them.

What do you think about these kids’ reactions to Hatsune Miku? Is this a sign that Vocaloid-based singers won’t catch on in the United States, or do you think they will become more popular among American audiences?

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