Did you know that the third annual Japanese Film Festival Online 2024 is happening this month? And best of all, it’s all free and from the comfort of your own home!

Hosted by the Japan Foundation, watch 23 feature films and dramas from now until July 2, 2024. All you have to do is sign up for a free account!



Available in 16 subtitle languages, and accessible in 27 countries, the feature films start June 4, 2024 – June 18, 2024, while television dramas begin June 18, 2024 – July 2, 2024.

Sign up and starting watching here.


Here’s what’s on the roster:

2024 FILMS
Title Genre Year Duration
We Made a Beautiful Bouquet Drama, Romance 2021 124 min
Single8 Coming of Age, Drama 2023 113 min
ANIME SUPREMACY! Anime, Business, Drama 2022 128 min
Baby Assassins Action, Comedy, Coming of Age 2021 95 min
The Lines That Define Me Art, Coming of Age, Drama 2022 106 min
JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO, aka KIMBA THE WHITE LION Anime, Classic 1966 75 min
Father of the Milky Way Railroad Biography, Drama, Family 2023 128 min
School Meals Time Graduation Comedy, Drama, Food 2022 104 min
BL Metamorphosis BL, Drama, LGBTQ+ 2022 118 min
My Broken Mariko Drama, Road Movie, Sisterhood 2022 85 min
The Zen Diary Drama, Food, Japanese Culture 2022 111 min
WEDDING HIGH Business, Comedy, Drama 2022 117 min
I am what I am Drama, LGBTQ+ 2022 104 min
KIBA: THE FANGS OF FICTION Business, Drama, Mystery 2021 113 min
The Lone Ume Tree Drama, Family 2021 77 min
I Go GaGa: Welcome Home, Mom Documentary, Family 2022 101 min
WE’RE BROKE, MY LORD! Comedy, Period Drama 2023 120 min
TWENTY-FOUR EYES Classic, Drama 1954 156 min
Japan Horror Film Competition Horror 2023


Title Genre Year Episodes
Downtown Rocket TV Drama, Business 2015  10 Episodes
RIKUOH Business, Sports 2017 10 Episodes


What are you excited to watch?



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