Hey! Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi readers! On December 15th, Saturday from 7pm to 11pm: we are going to be participating at the Super*Market NIGHTMARKET at Meltdown Comics in LA.

We will be selling cute Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma stuff along with One Piece, Dragon Ball collectables, Popin Cookin/Happy Kitchen and much more.  The merchandises we have on our online shop will be at the Super*Market NIGHTMARKET!  Also, because of the holiday season, we will be selling most of our stuff for a special price!!!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

A little bit about the Super*Market NIGHTMARKET :

Super*Market NIGHTMARKET is creating a one stop shopping experience for nerdy holiday gifts in a rollickin’ party atmosphere!

Along with hunting for awesome swag, guests can also party down with live entertainment, refreshments, free raffle every hour, and a chance to mix and mingle with other colorful and fun patrons in the holiday spirit under the night sky.
**HOURLY GIVEAWAYS sponsored by Sanrio! Lots of Hello Kitty apparel, handbags, and accessories will be up for grabs!

Super*Market vendors will specialize in the bright, geeky, girly, and super unique. Jewelry, art, unique clothing, and nerdy second hand goods will all be sold all in one place at this fashionably nerdy event.

There will be a live podcast from the lady nerds at Defective Geeks, Tunes by Tune In Tokyo, event snaps, and much more! Admission to this event is FREE! 

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