Happy RAMEN DAY!!! We have done several posts about RAMEN because who doesn’t love RAMEN?  You can buy instant ramen for about $1.50 but you can also go eat ramen at a restaurant that could be a little pricy.

Today I want to introduce weird ramen served in Japan:

First up- Takoyaki (octopus ball) Ramen! This is good, I’ve tried it.  Takoyaki is eaten with broth in some regions so this is similar.

Pastel Blue Ramen- We posted about blue ramen but this is pastel blue.  The color comes form purple cabbage with tonkotsu broth, it creates this pretty color.

Tomato Ramen- This is really good and popular in Japan.  It like Italian and with cheese, ugh sooooo good!

Natto Ramen- Gross. Hate natto.  But natto lovers love it so I guess it’s good.

After your main dish ramen, how about some fruits?

Strawberry Ramen- I guess there’s only 3 slices of strawberry so the strawberry flavor is not too strong? The broth is tonkotsu.

Pineapple Ramen- Broth is salt and according to people who have tried this, it matches.

Lemon Ramen-  This is good apparently. I wonder if it is pretty sour… looks like it but if you are craving lemon and cold, this is for you!

Now who is ready for sweet desserts?

Chocolate Ramen- No comment.

Ice cream Ramen- This ramen is served cold so the ice cream won’t melt quickly.

Taiyaki Ramen- Taiyaki has sweet red bean past inside.

And a drink to go with your dessert?

Green Tea Ramen- Matcha flavor~~~ Healthy~~~

Coffee Ramen- The broth is coffee.  I hate coffee but people who are coffee addicts might go crazy for this. haha


And now! A simple but unique ramen you can try at your kitchen! COLA RAMEN!

-2 cans of cola
-One pack of instant ramen

1.  No water needed! Instead boil cola in a pan.
2. Then just add the ramen noodles. Don’t add the soup powder that comes with the ramen pack.
3. Pour it into a bowl and put mayonnaise on top.

DONE! Easy right? Someone who is adventurous enough to try, please do and let me know if it’s good or not! Maybe we might do a video for this recipe!

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