In Japan I think it is trending to naming your kids really unique names.  If you understand Japanese and kanji, then this post will be funny/interesting.  Here are some character names some parents actually named their kids.

Name: 頑堰 (がんだむ)     Pronounced: Gundam

Name: 聞茶 (きてぃー)     Pronounced: Kitty

Name: 舞音 (まいめろ)     Pronounced: Maimelo (as in My Melody)

Name: 光宙(ぴかちゅう)     Pronounced: Pikachu

Name: 心羽(しんば)     Pronounced: Shinba (as in Simba from Lion King)

Other names I found interesting.

Name: 夢露音(めろん)     Pronounced: Meron (as in the fruit melon)

Name: 宝冠(てぃあら)     Pronounced: Tiara

Name: 在波(あるふぁ)    Pronounced: Arufa (as in alpha- α)

Name: 紅多(べーた)     Pronounced: Beeta (as in beta- β)

Name: 紅甘(がんま)     Pronounced: Ganma (as in gamma- γ)

Name: 出誕(でるた)     Pronounced: Deruta (as in delta- δ)


What would you name your kids? hehe


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