My life has just been changed upon viewing Cathy’s House. These are real people performing as dolls in a very colorful doll house, which, as you may have guessed, belongs to Cathy.

The entire cast is female but the narrator is Mr. Yoshimasa Ishibashi. Here are a few Cathy’s House sketches as seen on Vermillion Pleasure Night, a late-night sketch comedy show in Japan.

Watch some clips from Cathy’s demented world below!

This was my introduction into Cathy’s House, and man, did it mess me up. The colors, the noises, the screaming, the biffing and punching. It’s just incredible, isn’t it?

If you liked the twisted dancing segment at the end, here it is as a separate video;

And finally, here’s another visit to Cathy’s House, although this one doesn’t have an English subtitles. I guess you have to just make up your own words, which might actually be pretty fun!

So yeah, Cathy’s House…I’d like to say thanks to whoever dug this up and put it on YouTube, as my day (and probably life) will never recover from this.

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