I feel like Japanese company makes the best wigs! You will have to say “YES i agree with ya” after looking at pictures I am about to show you…. They look amazingly natural and super cute. If I dont have to style my hair and wear wigs to girls night out, that would be awesome. For halloween? yes please! Wearing wigs is not only for costumes / dressing up but became part of japanese fashion culture as you can tell, in japan, harajyuku girls are all about stocking kawaii wigs! Just from looking at Japanese Fashion Magazines, I see a lot of girls wearing wigs.

Kyany pamyu pamyu is defenitely one of the fashion icons for everyone, she also loves the wig / hair brand PRISILA! Did you know all the wigs she wears in music videos are PRISILA brand? Kyany designs GothLoli ( Gothic lolita ) styles of wigs and here they are! check these sugoi kawaii wigs made in japan! Each wig costs 8,190 JPYen ( $80 ) not bad at all. a lot of colors to choose from!


ゴスロリオールウィッグ マニッシュボブ GothLoli 

AW. I want the last one, long FUWA FUWA hair in light brown!!! Get inspired with tons of other styles here! I wish I lived in Japan and I can order some for halloween this year…

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