Wind Waker HD Out in Japan September 26th!


UPDATE: Japanese Official Box Art is out! 


Remember the post I made about The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD earlier this year? Well… the release date has been announced!  And well… It’s only in Japan… On September 26th, roughly two months from now, Japanese fans of the game will be able to pick up this classic adventure for their Nintendo Wii U. For us Americans? Europeans? The rest of the world? We would have to wait… Hopefully before the year ends. Amazon and GameStop in America has listed the game’s release date to be in December while other stores here said it will be out in October. I feel like October is right, don’t you?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Wind Waker HD has several changes that slightly alters game play. For one, Tingle Tuner (the in-game GBA) has now been remove. If it wasn’t obvious why, it is because you cannot connect a Gameboy Advance to the Wii U you silly! Instead, it will be replaced with something else. Also, you can leave messages in bottles and let the ocean deliver it for you, just like in those Pirate movies. ARRR! Nintendo is hoping players will communicate with their friends via Bottle Messages in the Mii-verse. Lastly, there is an option for the Red Lion to sail faster! If you ever found it too slow when it comes to sailing, rest assure this new feature will get you from Outset Island to Forsaken Fortress in half(?) the time! The reason why fast sailing was not possible before was because the Gamecube did not have fast enough memory or processors to load the zones for such a fast pace. Makes sense. Anyway, that is as far as I know. If you are interested in the guys from Nintendo explaining in to you, watch this Nintendo Direct right here!

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