iOS Apps are always getting the love but in this post, it’s the Android users’ turn! Introducing WriteKanji: Kanji Dictionary!   The guys at SJC Linguistics have developed this app for Japanese Language Learners to practice writing kanji characters the right way and naturally. It features over 2,000 kanji characters from JLPT level 1 – 4 and also a searchable dictionary!

Explore Mode:
-Trace stencils for each kanji while seeing translations and readings
-Intuitive sliding controls for navigating Super Sets and hiding stencils from view
-Quickly add kanji to your Working Set for use in Drill Mode
-Use the list to track your performance in Drill Mode and skip to random kanji

Drill Mode:
-Intelligent drilling system helps you lock down on wanted kanji and test yourself on whatever you want!
-Progress reports back to your list in Explore Mode for each Super Set so you can see your progress for each kanji

-2,198 kanji in 22 Super Sets from JLPT levels 1-4
-A dictionary lies at the heart of the application, allowing you to search entries in kana, kanji, or English
-Multiple, adjustable brushes for tailoring to different screen types, including a pressure-sensitive brush for practicing calligraphy
-Adjustable shake-to-clean feature
-Customizable color themes

The app will run you $3.99! A very low price for such an awesome tool! Click here to check it out on the Play Store.

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