It was revealed that there will be a collaboration between the famous-polka dot-crazy-Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, and Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs. The theme will be bold polka dots in varying sizes (oh really?). The artist will get her signature print on everything from shoes to clothes to sunglasses, and of course, handbags.

Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs who is responsible for the Murakami x Louis Vuitton collaboration said of Kusama, “the obsessive character and the innocence of her artwork touch me.” To celebrate the project, the flagship 5th avenue store in Manhattan is covered in dots and has displays paying hommage to three Kusama motifs – “Beginning of the Universe,” ‘’Eternal Blooming Flowers in My Mind” and “Self-Obliteration.” Manhattan will have Kusama fever as the new Kusama exhibition will be going on at the Whitney Museum as well! I really want to go!

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