When you think of X Japan”s leader, Yoshiki Hayashi, it is hard to separate him from his piano. Over the years, the image of the golden-haired man playing his piano like Miyavi plays with his guitar has become as iconic as Marilyn Monroe in the white dress. While the length of the hair and the lineup of X Japan have changed, a piano was always required.

Amongst the favorites, there is the glass piano. Yoshiki used it in the PV for comeback song, IV, and in the Tokyo Dome reunion show. In light of the recent tragedy, Yoshiki has announced that he will be auctioning off the legendary glass piano and donating the money for charity. While the value is uncertain, it is bound to fetch a very high price.

While some fans are concerned that the sale of the legendary piano is a negative event, one must remember that the piano will have a high resale value. I would not be surprised if it fetched casino online at least over a million dollars. Yoshiki can afford a prime time slot for a commercial of X Japan. I think he can also afford a new glass piano. One would also suggest that all concerned fans donate as much money as they can to reputable organizations to help with rebuilding efforts.

It is always difficult to part with a beloved instrument. I know I care more about my guitar than I care about most people. I can only imagine how much that piano means to Yoshiki. Therefore, we should all salute him for his efforts in helping his country.

“Thank you for your concern. Although there are some friends I can”t get in contact with, I”ve contacted all my family members. I intend to prolong the period of staying in Japan to support everyone. LOVE YOU….”
~Yoshiki Hayashi

The legendary piano.

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