On March 11th Japan local time, X Japan’s leader Yoshiki donated his premier special edition of signature TAMA drum set for a charity auction to commemorate Japan’s 5 year memorial of the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. (*see below for details)

The drum set will include Yoshiki’s autographed signature drum sticks. If the winner resides in Japan and is able to pick up the item in Tokyo, Yoshiki will personally hand them over to the winner and they will be granted a photo op with Yoshiki.

This charity auction is presented by Yoshiki Foundation America, a 501(c)(3) organization and will be hosted by Yahoo Auction Japan. The online auction kicked off at the noon of Monday, March 14th Japan time and will end around 11PM on March 21st Japan local time. This auction is open to worldwide users and the entire proceeds from the final bid will be donated to Japan Red Cross for the Great East Japan Earthquake relief fund.

X JAPAN and Yoshiki have continuously done charitable work, including donating musical instruments and helping build music rooms for children affected by the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, the 2009 Sichuan earthquake in China, and many more. Yoshiki put his own favorite “crystal” piano up for auction in 2011, as well as donating X Japan’s entire performance fee at one of Japan’s biggest summer festivals a-nation to help provide aid for the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. Most recently in 2015, X Japan kicked off their Japan Tour in a club size venue in Ishinomaki City, a city that was most severely affected by the 3.11 disaster where they held a charity concert performing to a very small crowd of 150 people. 75 tickets were gifted to the selected local fans and the remaining tickets were auctioned off on a charity auction site, raising 28 million JPY. Proceeds were donated to Central Community Chest of Japan to help aid the children in need who were affected by the disaster.

X JAPAN recently announced a suspension of their current performance commitments due to band member Pata’s sudden illness.



[Drum Set (Black Color)]
TAMA Bass Drum 24″ x 18″ (X JAPAN LOGO HEAD)
TAMA Bass Drum 24″ x 18″ (X JAPAN LOGO HEAD)
TAMA TamTam 10″ x 10″
TAMA TamTam 12″ x 12″
TAMA TamTam 13″ x 13″
TAMA TamTam 14″ x 14″
TAMA FloorTam 16″ x 16″
TAMA FloorTam 18″ x 18″
TAMA Snear Drum 14″ x 6.5″ (Crome Color)

[Kick Pedals]

A ZILDJIAN HI-Hats Top Quick Beat 14″
A ZILDJIAN HI-Hats Bottom Quick Beat 14″
A ZILDJIAN Rock Crash 18″
A ZILDJIAN Rock Crash 18″
A ZILDJIAN Medium Rock Crash 18″
A ZILDJIAN China HI 18″ 

TAMA Cymbal Stand x 5
TAMA Hi-Hats Stand x 1
TAMA Tam Stand x 1
TAMA Tam Holder x 2

[Drum Chair]
TAMA Drum Throne

TAMA Signature Sticks Yoshiki Model 1 (Autographed by Yoshiki)

<Auction Overview>

Auction begins: Monday March 14th around 12PM
Auction ends: Monday, March 21st around 11PM

Auction Website: http://reuse.yahoo.co.jp/archives/311charity/2016/yoshiki.html


<Terms & Condition>

  • Auction item is being stored in Japan. The shipping fee across countries and custom duties will be at owner’s expense
  • If the winner requests Yoshiki’s presence to receive the drum kit, time and place will be discussed at a later time before confirmation.


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